League Rules

RULES (March 1, 2010)

      • All players must be registered with Lower Columbia Women’s Soccer Association (hereinafter called LCWSA) and Washington State Soccer Association (hereinafter called WSSA). WSSA forms are available from the LCWSA Registrar and the WSSA office. Registration must be received by the LCWSA Registrar or postmarked, four (4) days before the day of play (i.e. registration received, or postmarked, by Sunday midnight to play on Thursday).
        1. A completed registration for LCWSA shall consist of a completed player registration form properly signed, player’s fee and transfer form, where necessary.
        2. A WSSA player card shall be the only acceptable identification for LCWSA League play. This card is to be carried by the player and presented at all League games.
        3. Violation of the above rules will deem the player(s) unregistered.
      • Player registration shall terminate at the end of the seasonable year in which it was initiated.
      • Players transferring teams during the seasonal year must file a Transfer Form, to be supplied by LCWSA, which must be in possession of the Registrar four (4) days before play with the team.
        1. Transfers are not allowed for the last three (3) games of a season including any playoff games.
        2. A player may transfer once during the scheduled playing season. She may not play with her new team in the next scheduled game.
        3. New players may not register for the last three (3) games of a season including any playoff games.
        4. Players on suspended teams may not transfer at any time during the period of team suspension.
      • A Team Representative must release a player within seven (7) days of the player’s request, if the player is in good standing with the team (i.e. does not owe money, has returned the uniform, etc.). A player may appeal to the Executive Board if a Manager refuses to release her.
      • A minimum of fifteen (15) years of age as of the last day of the calendar year is required. There are no waivers on the age requirement.
      • If any team is found to be using under age, illegal and/or unregistered player(s), the team manager(s) shall be fined twenty-five dollars ($25) each for the first offense and fifty dollars ($50) each for the second offense. The team manager(s) shall be suspended for one year from the date of a third infraction. The team shall forfeit the game(s) in which the illegal player(s) played or was (were) on the roster. The under age, illegal and/or unregistered player(s) shall be fined twenty-five dollars ($25), and she/they shall be ineligible for the next game after she/they are registered. All fines must be paid before the player(s) are eligible to play.
      • Any player who chooses to play in a game without supplying the Registrar with all of the necessary registration materials will be subject to disciplinary action. Such action will include being ineligible for the next game or games, as well as possible fines. After the first (1st) notice, a second violation will result in suspension for the rest of the season’s play.
      • No pregnant player will be allowed to play in any League games for her safety and the safety of the unborn child. Any pregnant player found playing shall be deemed an illegal player. Any team allowing such an illegal player to play shall be subject to disciplinary measures within the League (refer to rule 1F).
      • Player cards and rosters shall be presented to the Referee and the opposing team before each game. A proper roster consists of only those players playing in that game. It must include a player’s first and last name and that player’s jersey number. Failure to comply may result in forfeit of the game.
      • A team may request proof of age and/or registration from the Registrar.
      • A player may be registered with only one (1) WSSA-affiliated team.
      • During tournament play, a player may play on a team other than her original team, if the tournament rules make such allowances and providing the player follows the proper procedure requested in those rules for making the change.
      • LCWSA allows the use of orthopedic knee braces under the following conditions.
        1. Said brace was prescribed by a medical doctor for use during the play of soccer.
        2. Said brace was specifically designed for use during participation in sporting events.
        3. Said brace is properly covered, with no metal, straps or other potentially harmful parts exposed in any manner whatsoever (i.e. a neoprene covering or other similar protective covering is used to protect other players from injury due to contact with the brace).
        4. The brace is so constructed as to not be a potential projectile hazard should it be damaged during play.
        5. If the opposing team protests the use of any such brace, it will so state before the commencement of the game. The Referee and Team Representatives will so note said protest on their reports submitted to the Referee Coordinator.
        6. If any player is found using a leg brace which is in hazardous condition or not of the type approved by the League, then this player shall be deemed an illegal player. Any team allowing such an illegal player to play shall be subject to disciplinary measures within the League (refer to rule 1F).
      • If a team is unable to field enough players for a game, they may pick up players from a team on a bye week with the following restrictions:
        1. They must field at least seven of their own players.
        2. All pick up players must be at least 30 years of age during the calendar year.
        3. A team may add up to 6 players to equal a maximum of thirteen on the roster.
        4. The team must submit a roster with the pickup players name and team on it.
      • If a team does not have a enough players at game time it may forfeit and add players from ANY other team and play a friendly game.
      • A team shall be affiliated with LCWSA upon receipt by the Registrar of the following items, by the date set by LCWSA.
        1. Completed team registration form/roster.
        2. LCWSA Registration Cards and other requirements stated in Rule 1A.
        3. A minimum of ten (10) players with completed registrations.
        4. Check, money order or cash in the amount of the designated team registration fee.
        5. Other fees required by LCWSA (i.e. referee fees, bonds, etc.).
      • The Team Manager has the duty of proper team registration. Materials above, returned for noncompliance, shall be corrected and resubmitted for approval by the Registrar within seven (7) days following receipt of returned material. Any team failing to comply will be deemed to be unregistered and ineligible to play League games until they are in compliance.
      • A team must register a minimum of ten (10) eligible players.
      • All teams must be registered with the Registrar at least one (1) month prior to the first League game of the playing season.
      • An existing team is one that played together the past year. When forming a new team (sponsor, coach, players, etc.) you must have the majority (seven [7] players) of your former registered team players on your new team to be considered an existing team.
      • Sections will be formed with no less than five (5) teams in each section. If less than five (5) teams form in a section, they should be merged within another section (i.e. two [2] sections will be formed when less than fifteen [15] teams of Over-30 players are registered). Open Division will use the above as a guideline also.
      • For the purposes of scheduling, “Division”, as stated above, will mean either Open or Over-30. The partitioning within each Division will be classified as A section, Be section or C section;
      • The home team shall be responsible for providing a properly lined, regulation size field, two (2) nets, four (4) corner flags and one (1) No. 5 game ball in game condition.
      • The official playing schedule shall stand as published by the LCWSA Game Coordinator. Any changes must be approved.
      • If there is a conflict in team colors, the home team must change.
      • The home team will be responsible to notify the Referee Coordinator in writing within three (3) days if the referees fail to appear in a scheduled game. Refer to Rule 7C.
      • Teams must be in uniform for League games. Uniforms consist of shorts of the same color and numbered jerseys of the same color. If team colors change during the season, the Executive Board must be notified prior to the color change during the monthly meeting. Numbers shall be at least five (5) inches high, of a contrasting color, on the back of the jersey. Each player shall have a different number. The goalkeeper shall wear colors that contrast with her teammates and the opposing team.
      • Home team shall provide two (2) nets, four (4) corner flags and one (1) No. 5 game ball in game condition.
      • All scheduled games must be played. Any team not present and ready to play within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled game time shall forfeit and pay the full referee fee, providing the other team and referee appear on schedule.If both teams fail to appear on schedule, it shall be deemed a loss for both teams and both teams shall divide and pay the referee equally.A team unable to play a scheduled game must contact the opposing team a minimum of four (4) days prior to the scheduled game. If teams are unable to agree that the game should be rescheduled, the Team Representatives from both teams must contact the Judiciary Commissioner (Vice President Judicial) the same day. The Judiciary Commissioner will contact the Judicial Committee and they will determine if the reason for rescheduling is acceptable. The Judiciary Commissioner will contact both teams’ Representatives with the decision.Games must be played within thirty (30) days of the original date scheduled, no later than the last playing date of the season and not more than two (2) games may be rescheduled per season, per team. If teams cannot come to a mutually agreeable time and place for the rescheduled game, the Team Representatives for each team shall inform the Judiciary Commissioner (Vice President) who will choose a time and a place. The team requesting the schedule change must notify the Referee coordinator, opposing team and the Scorekeeper of the new time and place no later than four (4) days prior to the game.
      • At least seven (7) players per team must be present before play starts.
      • Scores must be reported by e-mail, phone or postal service to the Scorekeeper within three (3) days of the game by the winning team, or it shall forfeit.
      • Any team refusing to play another team must state its reason to the Judiciary Committee one (1) week prior to the scheduled game.
      • Teams dropping a player or players must notify the Registrar within three (3) days of the action.
      • Referee Evaluation Forms will be given to the Team Representative to fill out and e-mail to the Referee Coordinator after each game.
      • All players, coaches, referees and others connected with LCWSA have an obligation to notify the Executive Board immediately if they have knowledge of any infraction to the Constitution or Rules of LCWSA.
      • The team responsible for changing the originally scheduled game must notify the opposing team, Scorekeeper, and Referee Coordinator of the new game time and place not later than four (4) days prior to the originally scheduled game.
    5. GAMES
      • League games are those games played during the official LCWSA seasonal year, as scheduled by the League.
      • All League games are to be conducted according to the Laws of Soccer as adopted by the United States Soccer Federation (hereinafter called USSF) where applicable, wherein they are not inconsistent with the rules of LCWSA.
      • Exhibition or practice games of LCWSA games against Washington teams not affiliated with USSF must have prior approval of LCWSA. Games with non-affiliated, out-of-state teams require approval of the WSSA and games with non-affiliated, non-USA teams require approval of USSF.
      • The venue of all semi-final and final games in tournament competition and all League playoffs shall be decided by LCWSA.
      • All games will be two (2) forty-five (45) minute halves.
      • No overtime shall be played during regular League play.
      • One (1) hand possession of the ball is all that is required of the goalkeeper to be in possession of the ball.
      • Substitution will be limited to no more than three (3) players at a time. Substitution will be allowed at any dead ball, with the referee’s permission.
      • League games shall be scheduled using the following format.
        • Saturdays in March
        • Saturdays in April – until enough daylight hours allow for weekday games.
        • Wednesdays in May
        • Wednesdays in June
      • No slide tackling allowed.
      • League standings shall be determined by the following procedure:
        1. Points shall be totaled as follows:
          • Loss – 0 points
          • Tie – 1 point
          • Win – 2 points
        2. If, at the end of the regular playing season, teams are tied with the exact number of points, a tie breaker shall be decided by head-to-head games first, goals against (only during the game between the two (2) teams concerned), secondly, goals for (only during the game between the two (2) teams concerned), thirdly, if the teams are still tied, there will be a playoff game between the teams, conducted as per rule 6E (league playoffs).
      • The winning team must have played at least one-half (1/2) of the scheduled season League games in order to be considered for the title.
      • A forfeit is the automatic loss of the game in which the winning team earns two (2) points. The score of the game shall be recorded as 1-0.
      • Any team desiring to know League standings may request such information from the Scorekeeper.
      • League playoffs: If tied at the end of regulation time, the game will go into two (2) five (5) minute overtimes, which are sudden death (light permitting, at the discretion of the Referee). If the score is still tied, penalty kicks will be employed (five [5] each team, alternating). If the score is still tied, sudden death penalty kicks will be employed, until one (1) team has scored more goals on the same number of kicks.
      • Playoff games must be played prior to the season AGM.
      • Referees will be assigned to officiate all League games by the Referee Associations’ Assignor. His/her authority and the exercise of powers granted to him/her by the USSF Laws of the Game commence as soon as he/she enters the field of play.
      • Referees will be responsible for submitting a written Referee’s Report to the Vice President (Referee Coordinator), noting teams, score and any incidents.
      • If a referee fails to appear within fifteen (15) minutes of the game time, the teams must re-schedule the game according to Rule 3-D. The Referee Coordinator must be notified in writing within three (3) days by the home team of the referee’s failure to appear. Refer to Rule 3F. This is due to the insurance liability of our players.
      • The assigned referee (if present to officiate) will be compensated for his/her services if one (1) or both teams fail to appear within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled time. The referee must submit a report to the Referee Coordinator of team'(s’) failure to appear and the resulting forfeit(s).
      • Referee Evaluation forms are available from the LCWSA Board
      • All questions, complaints and other protests of any kind relating to the interpretations of the Constitution and/or Rules shall be referred to the LCWSA League by the following procedure.Oral notification to the President or Vice-President (Judicial) within twenty-four (24) hours, followed by a written notification and explanation, with a ten dollar ($10.00) fee, postmarked or hand delivered within forty-eight (48) hours of the original complaint. The ten dollars ($10.00) submitted with the initial complaint or protest shall be refundable if the protest is upheld through a full Judiciary Committee review, if subsequently requested, or at the time of the Commissioner’s decision, if no Committee review is requested pursuant to rule 8C, below.
      • All matters will be referred to the Judiciary Commissioner (Vice President Judicial) for review and action within ten (10) days, if necessary. The teams and/or individual concerned will be notified of the action taken by the LCWSA.
      • All decisions by the Commissioner may be appealed to the full Judiciary Committee by submitting to LCWSA, within three (3) days of notification of the Commissioner’s decision, a written request for review concerning the action taken by the Commissioner.
        • Teams and/or individuals involved will be notified by the Judiciary Committee of the date, time and place of the hearing and the matters involved.

      At least three (3) members of the Judiciary must be present. If the matter involves a member of a Committee member’s team or a member herself, that member may not participate as a Committee member. Another LCWSA member, in good standing, may be named to take her place on the Committee. Refer to Article 19, Section 2, of the Constitution.

    10. A representative of each team involved, or the individual involved, must be present.
    11. If a game protest is involved, the Referee and/or Referee’s Report (and supporting data, if requested) must be present.
    12. The Committee may request the presence of additional interested parties or witnesses.
    13. A decision by the Committee will be handed down at the conclusion of the hearing. This decision will be effective immediately, and will be binding. Written notification will be forwarded to the involved parties by LCWSA following the next scheduled Board meeting.
    14. Fines levied against a team are payable within fifteen (15) days of written notification by LCWSA. Teams failing to pay fines shall forfeit all games after the fifteen (15) day period, until payment is made. Payment should be made to the LCWSA Treasurer.
    15. APPEALS
      • Any person, team or division desiring to appeal decisions made by the Judiciary Committee may appeal to the LCWSA Board by submitting a written appeal to the LCWSA within ten (10) days of notification of the decision.
      • The procedure for appealing to WSSA is available from the LCWSA Secretary.
      • Any player or coach cautioned with a yellow card two (2) times in a seasonal year is subject to reprimand by the Judiciary Committee and possible future suspension from a League game or games.
      • Any player, coach or team official receiving a red card (ejection) shall receive a minimum of a one (1) game suspension, that being the next scheduled game in which the individual is scheduled to participate. Any player, coach or team official receiving a red card two (2) times in one (1) season is automatically suspended for one (1) year from the date of the second ejection.The Judicial Board will review all red cards issued. The player card of that player will be retained by the referee of the game and mailed to the Vice President/Judicial Chairperson. After the review and decided disciplinary action is completed, that player card will be returned. Absolutely no temporary player pass will be issued to the carded player during the judicial review of a red card.
      • Players, coaches or team officials found guilty of contact fouls towards any coach, player, official or spectator before, during or after a game could receive a one (1) year suspension from further League activities.
      • The returned check fee will be assessed any player whose check is returned for insufficient funds. The team will not be considered registered until the fine and team registration fee is paid, and proper paperwork is completed.
      • Any team accumulating four (4) cards during the playing season will be reviewed by the Judicial Board and may receive a loss of two (2) points, which is one (1) win, in their overall standings.
      • The Executive Board shall have the right to place teams based on overall team experience.
      • The two (2) teams in last and next-to-last place in the previous year’s final standings shall drop down one (1) Section.
      • The two (2) teams in first and second place in the previous year’s final standings shall move up one (1) Section.
      • Eligible players must turn forty (40) by the end of the calendar year.
      • Play shall consist of two (2) forty (40) minute halves.
      • No slide tackling allowed.
      • No standings will be kept.
      • Unlimited roster (players may play on other teams as scheduling permits.
      • Unlimited substitutions will be allowed.
      • All other LCWSA rules will apply.


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