LCWSA Officer Job Descriptions

Elected Officers 
President:Cora Siipola
VP Referees:Jen Bradley
VP Judicial:Lois Hill
Secretary:Steffanie Taylor
Treasurer:Millette Moist
Registrar:Cheryl Oltmann – email:
Scheduler/Scorekeeper:Jenn Jolly

PRESIDENT: The President shall supervise all activities of LCWSA and the work of the officers. She shall appoint non-elected officers (Article 5, Section 2) with approval of the Executive Board. She shall be the general representative in all legal and other matters, as well as Chairperson to all Board and Director’s meetings.

VICE PRESIDENT – JUDICIAL: In the absence of the President, she shall succeed in all powers as granted to the President. She shall serve as assistant to the President in all matters. She shall chair the Judiciary Committee and the Nominating Committee.

VICE PRESIDENT – REFEREE COORDINATOR: She shall be LCWSA’s liaison with the Vancouver and Longview Referees’ Associations. She shall record suspensions or disciplinary actions against a player. She shall receive all Referee Reports. She shall keep a record of all evaluations and make available to the Team Representatives Referee Evaluation Forms and Protest Forms. She shall work in conjunction with the Game Coordinator.

SECRETARY: She shall attend to and safeguard all correspondence, unless directed otherwise by the President, and record the minutes of all Board meetings.

TREASURER: She shall have charge of all finances of LCWSA. She is responsible for keeping accurate financial records and shall present a detailed report of the financial position at all Board meetings. She shall submit a full printed report for the year at the AGM. All disbursements from funds of LCWSA must be made by check, except in those cases where a check is not acceptable to the payee. In such circumstances, the Treasurer shall draw a check for the required amount made payable to herself and shall ensure that the proper documentary evidence is available testifying to the propriety of the transaction. She will, at the request of the Executive Board, initiate and complete the annual audit to be presented to the Executive Board prior to the AGM.

REGISTRAR: She shall be responsible for processing of all player registrations. She shall also maintain records of all players registered or transferred. She shall provide Executive Board members with current membership lists.


GAME COORDINATOR: She shall chair the Scheduling Committee and appoint Area Coordinators, if the position has not been filled by the Executive Board. With the assistance of the Area Coordinators, she will present to the board of Directors a completed schedule of all League play for the season.

PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN: She shall provide community and members with information dealing with registration, tournaments, and jamborees approved by or sponsored by LCWSA.

SCOREKEEPER: She shall keep standings of all games. She shall receive scores from Team Representatives and shall publicize them when relevant (i.e. local newspaper, internet).

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