November 11, 2013

Monday November 11, 2013

Meeting call to order at 6:40

Roll Call: Cheryl Oltman, Millette Moist, Connie Karnoski, Steffanie Taylor

Millette – Balance is $10,127

Discussion regarding how much we spend on fields:

  • Wy East is $300 and Longview Soccer Club is $300.
    • Wy East is roughly $25 a game.
  • How much do we want to pay Longview? Who to contact?

Discussion regarding Washington State Women’s Soccer Association (Linda Rimmer, contact). Millette was contacted by Linda as to whether we would like help growing our league.

Did sub list work at all??? No, not really…

Jamboree discussion

Paint discussion

  • Cheryl to check into source

Discussion of coming up with a budget.

  • Reviewed old budgets Millette found in book

Discussion of ref fees

  • Vancouver – $56.10 per game
  • Longview is $78 per game
  • Overall ref fees are $2500 a season

Discussion about getting new teams from Camas or Portland

Advertising discussion:

  • Advertise with Peace Health and their health and fitness program. Connie to contact Peace Health.
  • Get a permanent wall or yearly wall space at Salmon Creek or 164th
  • Banners at sports complexes
  • Steff to see how much a banner costs and multi order discount
  • Advertise at Portland League games – Cheryl to email president of Portland league
  • Set advertising budget?
  • Steff to contact Julie Toney to put out a message to form teams from the Facebook page
  • Connie to update flier

Action Plan

  • Millette to check in with Salmon Creek banner or wall advertising
  • Steff to check on banner
  • Connie to check
  • Steff to check in with Cora to get Beth Ann’s email to see if she still wants to be in charge of advertising
  • Need to get on advertising in the value clippers

January 25 is the WSSA AGM meeting in Bothell. They will pay mileage and hotel

Discussion about emailing packets. Cheryl to email out packets about December 15th

Team – 10-player and team registration form by the January 6th meeting. Payment due later

Next meeting January 6. Board meeting at 6:00. All team meeting at 6:30

Meeting adjourned about 7:30

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