June 10, 2013 (AGM)

Monday June 10, 2013

Meeting called to order at 6:45.

Roll Call:

  • Board Members:
    • Lois Hill
    • Millette Moist
    • Cheryl Oltman
    • Steffanie Taylor
  • General Attendance:
    • Shamrock: Steffanie Taylor
    • Passin Thru: Cheryl Oltman
    • Wolves: Millete Moist, Julie Toney, Missy Moriarty
    • Just for Kicks: Lois Hill
    • Little Indians: none
    • Handballs: Lindsay Shaver, Sarah Whitley, Katie Beaton, Kelsey Higgenbottom, BethAnn St. Germain, Shannon Holmes

Old Business:

  • Proposed rule regarding under 30s players discussion.
    • Can they remain as an open-player team? Handballs currently has 5 under 30s.
    • Discussion of rewording rule and reading of proposed rule language.

Existing rule:
Article 10,2,G. All teams may carry a maximum of three (3) under 30 players and still be considered an Over 30 Team.

New rule:
Article 10,2G. All Teams may carry a maximum of three (3) under 30 players and still be considered an Over 30 Team. In an attempt to expand the league, a new team may carry up to two (2) additional under 30 players who shall turn 30 by the end of the following calendar year with permission of ¾ of the voting membership of LCWSA. New team status shall only last for one year.

New Business:

  • Motion by Missy Moriarty to allow Handballs to play as an under 30s team, grandfathering all under 30s player and not allowing any additional under 30s players. Julie Toney seconded the motion. All in favor; Motion passed.
  • VP Judicial Report: One issue regarding one player complaint of rough play and what, if anything, can be done. Referees should be held responsible too.
    • Discussion about unsportsman like conduct regarding referees and players.
    • Email/communicate with a board member at the time of the incident
    • Discussion regarding potential consequences of unsportsman like conduct for next season.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Account has over $10,000; however, this year’s referee fees have not been paid so there will be approximately $9,500 in bank.
    • Keep fees reduced for next year.
  • Discussion of placing adds for next year
    • Fliers to be placed at Longview Soccer Club building
    • Have fliers in your sign-up packets
    • Have a both at youth tournaments
    • Walk in parade with fliers
    • Give a team incentive for marketing i.e. hanging fliers.
    • Email flier
    • We still need someone in charge of advertising! BethAnn St. Germain may potentially be in charge of advertising.
    • Cheryl to email general flier Beth Ann
      • Lindsay Shaver will potentially help with flier
    • Take fliers to Camas Summer League
    • Post game pictures on Facebook page
    • Make decals for cars
    • Have team photos at jamboree
  • Discussion of starting jamboree in February (last week of February) because it’s hard to get players to the Wednesday games.
    • Have less Wednesday games.
    • Would need to turn in packets 30 days prior first game.
    • Kick off meeting may need to be earlier.
    • February 22 date thrown out to have jamboree.
    • Discussion of potentially getting rid of jamboree – not in favor.
    • If started February 22, league would be over May 28.
    • Wednesday games would need to be at 6:30.
  • Discussion of acquiring Woodland fields and any other fields.
    • Any field with goals would work.
    • Pay Ayso to play.
    • Shannon Holmes to speak with Woodland Intermediate School.
    • Cheryl Oltman to check on Fort Vancouver field.
  • Motion to start league on February 22 (jamboree) from Missy Moriarty. Seconded by Julie Toney. All in favor; motion passed.
  • Spring Break bye weekend will be April 5.
  • 2014 Season Meeting Dates
    • Jan 6 first meeting – hand out packets.
    • Monday February 3 – packets due.
    • Packets will be emailed on January 6.
  • Elect new officers
    • Motion by Julie Toney to excuse the board and then re-nominated the entire cabinet for the 2014 season. Motion seconded by Missy Moriarty. All in favor; motion passed.
    • We will need to order new paint for next season.
    • Motion to adjourn meeting by Julie Toney. Motioned seconded by Missy Moriarty. All in favor; motion passed
    • Motion by Missy Moriarty to approve last meeting’s minutes. Motion seconded by Julie Toney. All in favor; motion passed.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:04

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