March 4, 2013


Meeting called to order at 7:09

Roll Call: Lois Hill, Connie Karnoski, Millette Moist, Jen Jolly, Cheryl Oltman

Old Business:

  • Summarized what we did and where we advertised.
  • Score updating
  • Text Jen Jolly instead of email.
    • Jen will send an email to team managers letting them know she prefers texting scores.
  • Discussion about sending out reminders about requirements for nets, paint, lining fields, completing ref reports etc.

  • Discussion of getting permission to practice on certain fields – who to contact.
  • Discussion of how to open bathrooms at 7th Avenue.
    • There is a key hanging on the wall or is on water tank in the field supply room of the club house.
    • Call Jen Jolly if you need the code to the supply room.
  • Discussed sub list
    • No one is really on the list except a few players from KB Crew.
  • Revisited discussion about allowing the open team.
    • If we allow one team to go open can other teams choose to play open?
    • Can we also make an under 30s player exception for Little Indians?
      • Under 30 player wanting to play on Little Indians can play on Handballs. Contact info exchanged.
    • Potentially tweek rule to allow 5 under 30 players per team
    • Decided to table discussion until AGM meeting.
  • Reminder to make sure to send out potential player information to other teams if there is no room on yours. Other teams can pick up the player.

New Business:

  • Note: 7th Ave field is trying to get turf fields and lights for Fields 2 and 4.
    • This will not affect our fields or playing time.
  • Aloha Mocha can deliver coffee to fields during the jamboree if enough interest is generated.
  • Club house will be open at 9:00 for early registration.
  • Reminders:
    • Home team must line the fields, put up corner flags, bring a game ball, and bring alternate color jerseys.
    • No dogs at 7th Avenue
    • Managers are required to make a roster with names and jersey numbers and hand out to the ref and opposing team prior to game time.
    • Make sure to have players cards at every game
  • Canceled games:
    • 48 hours notice is required
    • Notify opposing team and Jen Bradley
    • If canceled at the last minute, the canceling team will be fined for ref fees
  • Jen Jolly is the point of contact if you need a temporary card.
  • New players can register all season long and can play as soon as registered.

We will be voting on the following proposed rule amendment at the AGM meeting:

Existing rule:
Article 10,2,G. All teams may carry a maximum of three (3) under 30 players and still be considered an Over 30 Team.

Proposed rule:
Article 10,2G. All Teams may carry a maximum of three (3) under 30 players and still be considered an Over 30 Team. In an attempt to expand the league, a new team may carry up to two (2) additional under 30 players who shall turn 30 by the end of the following calendar year with permission of 3/4 of the voting membership of LCWSA. New team status shall only last for one year.

Meeting adjourned at 7:54

Here’s your friendly reminder to attend the end of season AGM meeting. We will be voting on an important issue – whether on not to allow additional under 30 players on a an Over 30 Team. If you attend, your vote counts. Also, team fees will be reduced by $25 dollars for each player attending (up to two players maximum). We will also be continuing discussion on how to grow our league and how to secure additional fields in Vancouver.

We have not yet been able to reserve our typical room at the Woodland Middle School so I will email as soon as we determine a location.

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