February 4, 2013

Monday February 4, 2013

Meeting called order at 7:14

Roll Call: Lois Hill, Millette Moist, Steffanie Taylor

General discussion of rule amendment/waiver to allow new team that has more than 3 under 30 players.

  • Potentially grandfather in players for this year.
  • Enter new team as open division.
  • Do a trial basis and determine the final decision of their acceptance into the league at the AGM meeting.
  • Teams that do not want to play the younger team would not have to.

Existing rule:
Article 10,2,G. All teams may carry a maximum of three (3) under 30 players and still be considered an Over 30 team.

Proposed rule:
Article 10,2,G. All teams may carry a maximum of three (3) under 30 player and still be considered an Over 30 team. In an attempt to expand the league, a new team my carry up to two(2) additional under 30 players, who shall turn 30 by the end of the following calendar year with permission of 3/4 of the voting membership of LCWSA. New team status shall only last for one year.

Julie Toney made a motion to accept the new team as an open division team according to Rule 10,2,H for the 2013 season and their team status will be revisited at the AGM meeting to allow the team to play again in 2014.

Motion passed. The new team will play as an open division team because they have more than 3 under 30 players. Over 30 teams not wanting to play them will not have to, and their status to remain as a team in the league will be voted on at the AGM meeting.

Sub pool rule:
Under Rule 1 Player Eligibility
P. At the beginning of a new season, a substitute player pool may be established. A player who is not a registered member of an established team may register with LCWSA as a substitute player. To register they must fill out an LCWSA registration form, have a valid WSSA player card, and be 24 years of age by the end of the calendar year. These players will be placed into a substitute pool.

If a team is unable to field enough players for a game, they may pick up players from the substitute pool with the following restrictions:

  1. They must field at least seven (7) of their own players.
  2. If picking up players who meet the over 24, but under 30, requirement, the total number of players under 30 on the game day roster will be limited to a total of three (3)
  3. A team may add up to six (6) players to equal a maximum of thirteen (13) on the roster.
  4. The game day roster submitted to the referee and opposing team manager shall include the names of the pick-up players.

Motion made and passed.

Six confirmed teams for the 2013 season.

The same fields will be used as last year.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00.

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