June 2011

LCWSA Board Meeting June 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM by Registrar Cheryl Oltmann. President Robin Marks arrived later.

Present: Just 4 Kicks, Time Bandits, Irishtown, Passin Thru, Shamrock (2), Wolves, Wannabes (2), KB’s Crew.

Judicial: No report

Treasurer: WSSA waived part of their fees this year. Depending on which fees were waived (affiliation fee, or per team fees), each team will get a credit for next year, amount to be determined. Over 40 teams played 9 games instead of 10, so they will be receiving credit towards next year as well.

Registrar: No report

New Business: Suggestions to ponder, and to be voted on in January: Refunds for forfeited games (for the non-forfeiting team) or games that are not played because there is no referee (and teams are unable to make up the game). If not a refund, charge the team that forfeits – to be added on to their registration fee for the following year. There was some discussion about the 2012 schedule – starting over 30 later, or skipping both weekends of spring vacation.

Advertising – It was motioned and seconded that we have an advertising/marketing committee. Passed unanimously.

Shannon Walker (KB’s Crew) volunteered to help on the committee. Connie Karnoski (Shamrock), volunteered to help put a flyer/logo together. Please e-mail your players to ask for volunteers to be on this committee. We need a chairperson for this committee. Action needs to be taken now, so that we will have new teams in place by January.

Suggestions for advertising: flyers at indoor soccer arenas, community centers, parks and recreation in Longview, Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, etc., youth soccer organizations, sporting goods stores, windshield flyers. It was suggested that we put a flyer together and e-mail out to our teams, so players can print them off and place them on bulletin boards, etc., whenever possible.

Unsportsmanlike conduct: Unsportsmanlike conduct has been a problem at some games. This needs to stop. It is the responsibility of the team managers to speak with fans/coaches on their sidelines, who may be making inappropriate comments to players and/or referees. It was suggested that an e-mail should go out to all teams at the beginning of the season to remind everyone of proper behavior and the consequences of improper behavior. Concerns should be written on referee report or emailed to a board member(s) so that we are aware of them as they occur. If there is an ongoing problem, we need to decide on the best way to handle it.

Over 40 League: A motion was made, and seconded, that 3 players under 40, (38 by the end of the calendar year), be allowed to play on each team in the over 40 league. The motion passed unanimously.

Robin mentioned that there were some hard feelings in the Over 40 league, and that we should reach out to some of those players that were disenfranchised this year.

It was mentioned that we need a field coordinator to try to get more fields for next year. Robin reported that we do have permission for the Woodland field, and that she would work to get goals for that field. There was some discussion about purchasing portable goals. Robin will do more research in this area.

There was some discussion about borrowing players from Over 40 as last minute subs for Over 30 games. We will take this up again in January.

Lyn Kohler was nominated for secretary. The nomination was seconded, and the vote was unanimous in favor.

It was motioned that there be a white ballot nomination (all current board members) for the rest of the Executive Board. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

The 2012 meeting schedule was set:

  • Wednesday January 4
  • Monday February 6
  • Monday March 5
  • The Jamboree will be held March 10, in Longview.
  • The date of the AGM to be determined at a later date.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:16 PM by President Robin Marks

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