June 10, 2009

LCWSA Board Meeting June 10, 2009

Meeting called to order by President Gooch @ 7:13pm

Minutes were approved

President’s Report: Sarah was unable to attend State AGM. Did not have much to report from the State.

Registrar’s Report: Had only one team add more players to their roster. Unusual to not have more teams with additions. Need to impress teams to have waiver signed by all players on their teams.

Treasurer’s Report: Still checking on forms for IRS. Has call in to IRS

Old Business: None

New Business: Possible illegal player on a team.

Need to secure another field in the Vancouver area. We would like to use only one field at WyEast. The port-a potty at WyEast may not be necessary.

Need to reimburse Sarah for travel to Seattle @ .55 per mile.

Referee reports were a little sporadic. Some referees were having a few more (jewelry) issues.

Pass out with packets: HOME team responsibilities 1.Must change uniform if conflict. 2. LIne the field

Rule Change: Motion made and seconded. Our league will not allow slide tackling.

Election of Officers:

President: Sarah Gooch; VP Referees: Jen Bradley; VP Judiciary: Lois Hill; Secretary: Debbie Hagen; Treasurer: Lori Jud; Registrar: Cheryl Oltmann; Scheduler/Scorekeeper: Jenn Jolly

We need a Vancouver Coordinator. The Camas coordinator will be Jen Bradley

Meeting adjourned at 8:22pm

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